Miss Crabb is a New Zealand clothing line established in 2004 by Kristine Crabb with a flagship store on Auckland’s Ponsonby Road. Every piece of the line is produced in New Zealand. Supporting high-quality local production is an important value of the brand. 


Miss Crabb takes a subversive approach to shape, proportion and beauty so each piece transcends time, age and place. The clothes are made to be interpreted by the wearer,  encouraging singularity and freedom. A Miss Crabb piece is at once skilfully complex and seemingly simple in its construction and appearance. This harmony between design and restraint allows the purity of fabrics such as silk, linen and cotton to speak for itself. The patterns, which Kristine cuts herself, are often basic geometric shapes which delicately transform these natural materials into modern yet quietly poetic and enduring pieces.


Kristine lives in Auckland with her three young children. She is inspired by the seasonal beauty of the NZ landscape and its mythology.



Portrait by Rebecca Zephyr Thomas