High Noon Hat Straw

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  • High Noon Hat Straw
  • High Noon Hat Straw
  • High Noon Hat Straw
  • High Noon Hat Straw

A traditional style straw-hat with enhanced proportions, the High Noon Hat is slightly oversized with a contemporary feel. It features a 'Beautiful Era' cotton, padded headband and thin matching fabric chin - straps to keep it securely fastened.


To care for your High Noon Hat, we recommend the following:

- Gently clean with a soft brush, do not dry-clean

- Sponge clean the band with gentle soap and water. Dry excess water with a towel & leave to dry in the sun or a warm environment, standing on it's crown

- When your hat is not being worn; do not rest on it's brim, stand it on the crown. 







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